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Regardless of diet approach it is imperative that you know that the weight that you are losing is in fact coming from fat stores. Fat Destroyer Review  Because it is real easy to lose weight thinking it is all from fat and actually be losing gobs of critical muscle mass. And listen if you are destroying muscle mass then you are destroying the very thing that is burning your fat in the first place.

So the question is, "how do I know if I'm losing fat?" By measuring your body mass. Which is comprised of lean body mass and fat mass. Normally this is a chore for a nutritionist or doctor but now you can do this at home.

Besides measuring you weight these scales send a safe electric impulse through your body. It should be noted that this impulse is so small that you will never feel it. The scale measures the amount of time it takes for this impulse to travel through you body. Then using a technique called Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis... or BIA for short, the scale does some math and arrives at your body fat percentage.


September 28, 2017 — 9:00 am to
November 15, 2017 — 6:00 pm

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